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The Priming - A Megapolisomantic Working

The Priming This Rite will open and strengthen the ability of the Megapolisomancer to sense the hidden influences, connections, and components of the City, and give the first insights of how to wield power over Place and Time within the City. This Rite may be performed in any City the Megapolisomancer wishes to control. The Rite must take place at a Prime Nadir (a most chaotic point, typically a juncture with overlapping or confusing patterns or flows, sometimes a center poin

Magia Loci - Learning About the World

Operant Technologies for Learning about the World include: 1. Gaining Awareness – Learn how you respond to places. Becoming aware of the subtle and overt effects can lead you to better understand their effect on you. Are there certain routes, rooms, areas you tend to favor, or avoid? · Practice coming to a heightened, focused awareness whenever you transition into a new space – new room, building, or even when a new mix of people are suddenly in your space. Bring awareness to

Acting in the World

Three Operations to Act in the World 1. Working with the place As Is – Now that you have learned about the world, use it. Operative workings: · Battery – For those places that jolt and inspire you, utilize them as a magical battery. Visit them ritualistically and it will deepen your connection with the space and amp up the effects. · Beacons – Once you know what you want, how to get it? Setting beacons is a tool for bringing awareness of your magical goals or aspirations: Set

Creating a New World

This is an area I am working on now with a few specific branches of ideas. Here are the short descriptors, for now! 1. Lesser Black Magic of Place – More expansive work with place: city information systems and subjective realities. This involves learning how information flows, who are the players, what are the cultural and physical ‘pressure points’ to impact to create change in your World. What do people ‘really’ care about, what are their values and how do they impact the

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