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Acting in the World

Three Operations to Act in the World

1. Working with the place As Is – Now that you have learned about the world, use it. Operative workings:

· Battery – For those places that jolt and inspire you, utilize them as a magical battery. Visit them ritualistically and it will deepen your connection with the space and amp up the effects.

· Beacons – Once you know what you want, how to get it? Setting beacons is a tool for bringing awareness of your magical goals or aspirations: Set your intention at a certain physical location that has some association or significance to the goal. This can also be used to find your needed ‘Others’ – set them at places/events that you can imagine that people you are seeking may be.

· 4D Crossroads – Adding another dimension – time – to physical locations provides initiatory context to examine our transformations, provide a source of reflection, insight, self-knowledge, and may act as a good Working spot for Remanifestation.

5. Changing a Place - Subjectively

There is a significant association between place and memory. If you’re working to change the past, focus on changing the story of the place – contextualize your past events into a larger framework of the place’s story, and shift the tone, add characters, etc. This works especially well if you learn more history of a place to tether your story to something subjectively ‘concrete’.

You might revisit places in memory often or become aware that you’re frequenting someplace in your dreams - your old apartment, high school classroom, grandma’s kitchen… Do not fight against the place. Give into it, stay a while, see what happens there. You may have something you need to remember or learn. Once whatever work needed has been achieved, something changes about that place, subjectively, as if a secret were released and the place can now ‘rest’ back in memory.

When traveling – if you’ve opened up a dialogue and learned enough about a place that you want to visit again or remember what you have experienced, you might want to anchor that place in your psyche. Determine what the feel of the place is, why it is special – more than what you got from the tourist books or history – and do a Working that connects you with that special Element. You will now be connected to this place and can draw on it at will. As a black magician this is a most powerful working that increases your knowledge of the World and expands your opportunities for Becoming.

6. Changing a Place - Objectively

Set Dressing – make changes to the areas you traverse and inhabit to increase or decrease their effect.

As simple as painting your room, rearranging furniture, or adding a plant –but doing this mindfully, with intent, to create a space conducive to your Work and to evoke a particular effect in yourself, or from others that benefits you – can be complex.

Create a Void - To break the Control the World has over us, utilizing Magia Loci, I suggest physical destruction, or physical removal – of key components within a place. You might have done this if you’ve ever thrown out your ex’s stuff from your apartment, or thrown out/set afire symbols of your past that needed to be purged. A caveat is to take care in what fills the void you create – control the narrative of why it was removed, or have a hand in shaping what fills it. It’s not enough to ‘change the stuff’ you must also ‘change the story’.


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