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Creating a New World

This is an area I am working on now with a few specific branches of ideas. Here are the short descriptors, for now!

1. Lesser Black Magic of Place – More expansive work with place: city information systems and subjective realities. This involves learning how information flows, who are the players, what are the cultural and physical ‘pressure points’ to impact to create change in your World. What do people ‘really’ care about, what are their values and how do they impact the World? We are extremely adaptable to change, and change can be triggered by very small shifts that impact people’s habits. An experiment in changing the system.

8. Megapolisomancy – Specific ‘Big City’ Magia Loci work. Appreciating Cities as our large-scale non-natural creation, where the Black Flame burns continuously. Learning to be energized by Big Cities and putting them to work for us; working on more Megapolisomantic rites for the Black Magician; harnessing paramentals (working with the psychological effects of interacting with our large-scale non-natural creations); Crafting/using cryptosigils & loci ‘voodoo’ – affecting others via city/non-natural symbology; Megapolisomantic divination – spying shifts in culture, technology, information flows: how is the city running, changing, and what does it mean for the future? Connecting with other cities to enact farther reaching changes.

9. Oasis Creation

Generating our own internal wellspring of drive and creativity is a hallmark of being a Black magician and critical to our ability to envision the World we want to create. This capacity is critical if we will be and Become a potent force in the World: we must replenish ourselves to continue our Initiation. While working in a grou can be an important element in our initiation, that group (or any external element) should not be charged with the responsibility of keeping our initiation fresh and focused. That is OUR job. So how do we bolster this ability within ourselves? How do we remain reliant upon ourselves as a rejuvenating force? I draw upon the idea an Oasis: a self-created place we can visit (physically or mentally) to replenish ourselves. How to build such an oasis, how to tend to it, and what is its magical nature, and how can Magia Loci aid in such an endeavor?


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