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The Priming - A Megapolisomantic Working

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The Priming

This Rite will open and strengthen the ability of the Megapolisomancer to sense the hidden influences, connections, and components of the City, and give the first insights of how to wield power over Place and Time within the City.

This Rite may be performed in any City the Megapolisomancer wishes to control.

The Rite must take place at a Prime Nadir (a most chaotic point, typically a juncture with overlapping or confusing patterns or flows, sometimes a center point). Use an item of protection or focus (such as Onyx).

A Prime Nadir of New York City is Columbus Circle. This intersection joins 5 major streets, is the defining point for 5 distinct neighborhoods, and 5 subway lines cross underneath it. It is one of the major interruptions of the Megapolisomanitc Diagonal (Broadway). This site is the ‘official’ center of the City, the zero-mile point used to map the distance from any point to New York City. The site itself is one of the most chaotic - “a chaotic jumble of streets that can be crossed in about 50 different ways—all of them wrong.” Over time traffic has switched directionality (currently rolling counter-clockwise) and the statue at the center is itself a point of contention.

The Rite

Calm the Senses

Make the Sign of the Third Angle

Arms in a V, each arm at a 45° angle (as the Elhaz Rune)

Allow the City to Speak

Open yourself to the sights, sounds and let one human-created occurrence rise to the fore (light blinking, car honk, people stepping, coughing, etc.) Observe 9 times.

Hold the Onyx (or other symbolic item) in your left hand, and Speak the following as you Perform the Work

My Bones are the Steel

My Blood is the Fuel

My Breath is the Spark

My Heart commands Time

My Word is the Law

Complete the Rite with 9 Observances: Your Heart, Your Breath, Your Strength, Your Voice; then 5 distinct directionalities dictated by the Nadir’s layout.

So it is Done


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