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My recent Magia Loci practice has veered into the realm of the subjective. Inspired by places in the physical realm, I’ve been drawn to create my own mythical realms. I’ve found this to be a good method to perform illustrative magic - to figure something out, to see hidden connections, gain insights, maybe get a lightning bolt. And just in general, to have some fun stretching my imagination.

I’m calling this portal practice (or portal play if you prefer a nod to kink), and here is what it entails. Side benefits other than magical results include: strengthening the imagination and intuition, honing focus, attaining better presence, and most important, getting better at crafting your desire.


First, decide you want to find a portal and pick a subject - a topic, a desire. Set out specifically into the world to seek that portal. Maybe a graffiti, a strange subway column, crooked tree, etc. etc.

Maybe this takes a few tries, maybe you want to go somewhere exotic, or maybe you want to find it on your regular routes. As long as the intention is turned On, you will find it.

As you come across potential ‘portals’ spend some time in their place and feel them out. Look for things that call out to you and light up something about your desire.

Once you’ve found a good portal, open it and enter. Maybe you must stay in that location or maybe now you are in a subjective realm and no matter where you go, you have access to that realm. I don’t know, it’s your Portal.

Spend some time there just playing, looking around. When you inevitably meet up with a trope (it’s a Fae realm! Is that Cthulhu?..), push into that. (‘Say yes’ to it all, as the improv saying goes.) What does that make you feel? What’s happening? What creatures are here? Who are you in this realm? Do you have a mission? Where are you heading? Did you make a friend? An enemy?

**Visit the Portal and realm regularly. Let it change. Think about your desire before you enter. Leave offerings. Take offerings. Journal your visits.**

I suspect, due to the narrative nature of the practice, you’ll find your own conclusion!

Now I realize this has sprung up during quarantine, which makes sense - that even if I can’t physically go to new lands, I can still ‘travel’ and work with ‘place’. But as noted I have found this useful as a new ritual setting for illustrative work. As a magical exercise, creating a brand new subjective realm that I may enter and leave at will has provided many benefits. Paying attention to my surroundings and looking at the world through magical eyes keeps me present and focused. Focusing inward on what I’m feeling and relating it to what I’m thinking and experiencing helps my intuitive powers. Obviously creating a magical realm expands my imagination. Seeing my habitual thought patterns come to life gives me insights about myself. Noting how my desire makes me feel - especially as I am in a realm that corresponds with it - are very good practices for honing my desire as well as being a gateway for illustrative magic.

Cheers, happy quarantining. Until we can meet up in real life see you in the subjective realms!

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