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Megapolisomancy - On Pandemics, Riots, Turmoil, and Change

Megapolisomancers use the City as a tool to divine how the world is Turning. With this knowledge, we determine what pressure to apply, where, and when, to obtain our goals. This is a rare time - the headline news is constantly focused on the state of the City: how it is coping, how it’s changing, and how it’s citizens are divided. Think of this intense focus on the heartbeat of the City as an influx of white noise that increases stochastic resonance, bringing patterns more readily to the forefront. Patterns in the City that will be relevant to you, or your own patterns of emotional and intellectual responses that reveal something new about yourself.

What’s easier now is prioritizing what is important for you. In the black magic practice of megapolisomancy, your intention and focus must root to You and you alone - what you want for yourself and what kind of person you want to become. When death, turmoil and despair are headlining the news each day, you will likely find yourself with new Perspectives on life and the decisions you’ve made for yourself. Attitudes and beliefs you have long held will come into question. You may develop a different subjective view of yourself and the world. You may find entire segments of your life need to be examined. Take this as a tremendous opportunity - painful perhaps, but necessary if you want to be an effective black magician.

What’s tougher right now is getting swept into over-identifying with a new position or another. There is no requisite for holding a Platonic view of the Polis for the megapolisomancer - your happiness and desires need not derive from the success of the City, nor the successful integration of your identity with the power of the City. In fact, just the opposite. Every City has a unique essence and a range of possible benefits - work with as many Cities as you can to expand your toolkit. It is a good time to monitor how other Cities are Turning.

Cities will never be at rest, will never settle - not really. Megapolisomancers must learn to ride the waves of change as a matter of course - and today you may learn to ride the waves during a Storm. You must monitor the reactions of the City, and yourself, and find Balance again and again.

The biggest opportunity in a massive disruption of the City is sussing out personal patterns of reactions and leveraging what you’ve learned about _yourself_ and consider changes in your perspective. This will give you a new and more steady, integrated center to act from.

The second biggest opportunity is watching, listening, and feeling what’s Turning in the City. Events will slow down, opportunities will open before you, but they will very likely not be something you’ve thought to look for before due to the economic and interpersonal cataclysms taking place. This is a time to forge new networks, consider new industries, visit new places, start new hobbies - et cetera. The City is cracking open before you. Do not rely on the old, and don’t try to reclaim what has passed. Look ahead, and move beyond what is comfortable.

You may decide to use your magic to change the shape of your City, to destruct or construct elements within your City to make way for the World you wish to come into being. But don’t lose sight of the opportunities and pressure points that are opening for you to take advantage of with your new Perspectives for that is where your power lies.

This is the purest form of megapolisomancy as a divinitory practice: let the changes of the City spread before you, and read the reactions in yourself - truly, honestly. From what you learn of yourself, the Way will be open for you to act. From what you learn of the City, you will know where, and how, and when.


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