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Oasis Building

A Working to Bring into Being a Source of Replenishment for Your Journey

Comment: This working is to create a reliable way to tap into our deep drivers and motivate ourselves and replenish ourselves along our journey.

Black magicians work to create our own meaning in life, not search elsewhere for it. We must develop and nurture our own passions rather than be told what to love. And while we seek out inspiration from the world and others, we don’t rely upon it as our fuel or as the driving force for our existence. Even if we are true to our path, there are times we need to replenish, to revisit our deepest motivations. This is one process to do just that.

Herein is the process to build your own Oasis – a physical and mental ‘place’ for you to revisit as needed. This should be done with some consideration, not haste.

First, what are the building blocks of your Oasis? You will want to determine a set of values, keywords, or principles that truly, deeply have motivated you over your life, in a beneficial way. Some values that moved you in the past might be outdated or have steered you wrong. Some might be really buried deep and you didn’t realize they were your driver. Here is a process for figuring out your motivating forces:

  1. Chart the major twists and turns in your life – the beginning or end of jobs, careers, relationships, spirituality, deep interests, artistic phases, etc. Make a timeline, and consider what precipitated each change, if it was voluntary or involuntary, and consider what came afterward.

  2. Consider what motivated you in those times, in terms of principles or values. Use those life transitions as key points in revealing your motivating factors. Are they still valid now? Review what you are displeased with in your life at the moment, and what’s on track, and how they relate to your past motivating principles/values.

  3. Select (3) key motivating principles or values that have earned to be in your palette: they have shown to be powerful guiding forces for you in the past and steered you in interesting ways even if they got you into trouble at some point. Think about them in turn. If you feel like one of them is weak, drop it. Bring in one that you might have ‘benched’ for some reason, or if something that has been a mild motivator in the past you feel is now more resonant with the person you are or want to become.

These materials are not much fun to build with, but they are key to this magia loci working. When you feel ready, perform the Oasis Building in a ritual setting.

  1. Consider your 3 keywords and how they have worked together – the times when 1 or 2 of them were at play. What if all 3 were at play together?

  2. Select a Memory that corresponds with these keywords. Immerse yourself into the setting of that memory.

  3. Select a Dream location that corresponds, and elicit the physicality of that world.

  4. Select a Physical place in your current world which corresponds, and consider how it fits with each keyword.

You have 3 locations now: a memory, a dream, and a physical location, all encapsulating your 3 keywords. These are your Oases. Visit them in times of need for replenishment. You might keep a small token reminder of the quality of your Oases on your alter but covered, only to be revealed when needed, to trigger your visit to your Oases when the Need arises.

*For emergency replenishment in the place you are in, select one of the Oases and firmly visualize that world in your mind. Then, with eyes open, raise that world up around you. Let it saturate and overcome what you see, hear, and feel, until it holds in your subjective reality for a moment. Become Vitalized. And then let the Oasis return back to its source.

image by FAAB architektura

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