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Rite of Orientation

Illustrative work to orient yourself upon your journey:

Where you are

Where you are headed

What work is important

What you have learned

What you need to put aside

To prepare, select one Bedrock Element that you consider critical for your journey (a thing, a principle, a concept, a value.) Reflect on it during the day.

For the Working: Face True North in the oldest part of your City; At Dusk or Night

Ring the Bell 9 Times

Unveil the Black Flame

Behold and Drink from Your Grail

Invocation of the Source which Guides You

Call Forth your Bedrock Element


Let the sands of time stop

Freeze the spin of the earth

Arrest the lengthening shadows

Let the long night begin

My North is True,

My Bedrock is True

My Desire is True

Come, Darkness, Let me see

Come, Darkness, let me hear

Come, Darkness, let me know

Perform further Work per your Need

Veil the Black Flame

Bell x9


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